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Today I Created this poster using photoshop  for a friend who has started a new music group called ClUB HAU5.


And here is a prototype of an event poster only thing is I’m finding it hard to get the writing to pop or stand out if any one has any ideas or thoughts feel free to let me know.

jeremy poster take 2PINK2



As we had 5 weeks off over the Christmas I decided to make use of  some of that time and look to get work experience.  Through my uncle Dr Frank O Connor I was able to secure a weeks work experience in January with orangebox. During my time at orange box I was given a project to complete and also was able to see how a successful design team works and its importance in making a company international renowned. The Project I was set was to create a High End meeting chair. Through the means of sketching and researching I explored various approaches and styles. With the Help of Luke Palmer and the design team I was able to narrow down my ideas to just one. This idea was based on a past experience in life whilst working on building sites I observed that the wheelbarrow was often used as seat during lunch. This to you might seem a strange and inappropriate style for a High End meeting chair and the truth is so did I at first. However Luke with his huge knowledge in the field was able to explain why such a style would be extremely appropriate in today’s  market. He explained how in resent years there is a huge shift from each person having there own office to one big open plan office vacated by many. This type office creates its difficulties too one such being privacy whilst having a meeting or taking a phone call so in resent years there has been a big drive by orangebox to create acoustic pods. These pods can be circled together to make phone booths or can be set up as luxurious meeting areas where you are not disturbing others in the office whilst also your conversations stay unheard and private. Below are two images of the finished product which I created on solid works with the help of Luke Palmer and the design team at orangebox.

Comfort and Privacey

Comfort and Privacey

Caccoon couple on white bg

Twin Cacoon Meeting area