On Thursday last during our Contemporary Design Culture we carried out an observation study on the tea/coffee ritual. Below is my account of the stages and observations I made during this process. Upon entering the spar located in the courtyard I walked over towards the 3 coffee machines which were located in the back corner of the store. There was a person using each machine 2 of which were women, one getting a small latte the other getting a large black coffee both put in the sugar whilst their drinks were still coming out of the machine. They both also used the full fat milk which they poured from a stainless steel jug. At the 3rd machine was a middle aged man getting a small black coffee however he did not take milk or sugar. I queued behind this man as I reckon he would be the fastest but for some reason he felt as if I was trying to rush him so he kept turning around and look at me as if I was going to rob him. All three struggled with putting the covers on the cups and also as the cups were hot they all put a heat shield on their cups. As the middle aged man eventually left the middle machine I stepped up to the machine and picked up a large cup and placed it onto the stainless steel mesh tray which was half full of tea and coffee spills. There was 4 beverages to choose from latte, black coffee, white coffee and hot water. I choose a large latte and like the women before me I poured in 2 paper sashays of sugar whilst the latte was coming out of the machine. I then took my cup and put a drop of full fat milk into it before putting on the plastic lid which was hard to know when it was fully on. I then proceed to the queue where I waited for about 2 minutes to pay I began to find that the cup was quit hot in my hard just about bearable at the finish. After paying 2 euro I proceed out to the court yard where I sat on the circular timber benches which were very uncomfortable. Whilst drinking from my paper cup I noticed that there was a little defect in the lid which touched my nose every time I drank this was very irritating and made the whole experience less enjoyable. Before I knew it the Latte was gone which in my opinion wasn’t money for value.