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Today I Created this poster using photoshop  for a friend who has started a new music group called ClUB HAU5.


And here is a prototype of an event poster only thing is I’m finding it hard to get the writing to pop or stand out if any one has any ideas or thoughts feel free to let me know.

jeremy poster take 2PINK2



During the week I saw this video on YouTube and I feel it relates well to the project we are doing at the minute for Noel Joyce. The project being to find a problem/bad user experience in every day life and develop a solution that will solve this problem whilst creating an enjoyable user experience. Initial cranberries used to be hand picked which was a time consuming and costly process. However a solution to this problem was derived and can be seen clearly in this video. The fields are now flooded and the berries are mechanically removed from the plants. As the berries are removed the float to the top off the water. This results in the collection of the berries being sped up exponentially whilst also creating a more user friendly harvest .

This video also has some class video footage check it out.

Over the past week or so as part of Design Visualisation we had to draw the iPhone 5 on illustrator and then transfer it into Photoshop where it was rendered. Below are images of my creations, Bare in mind that I am still relatively new to these packages however personally I think they are very good. Comments are welcome good, bad or indifferent and if anybody has any tips or tricks they would like to unveil feel free to do so.


iPhone 5 in illustrator

These cars were looked at and marketed as the new direction for the motor industry to go. The video below was first shown in a theatre in May 21st, 1948. They used the aircraft industry for new materials and aerodynamic principles which led to these cars being able to reach speeds in excess of 100 mph. These cars also took a new look on form as the moved away from big bulky bruisers of that time like the cadillac’s and chevrolets.

Were these manufactures completely out of line with their theories? No they were not because if you look at the super car market of today they use a lot of  these principles to create magnificent cars that still use a lot of technology which is sourced from the aircraft industry as well as F1. For example the Koenigsegg  CCXR has a Carbon fibre with aluminium honeycomb chassis and integrated fuel tanks for optimal weight distribution and safety. Similar to what is found in the wing of a plane.

Koenigsegg CCXR

This relatively cheap lego milling machine and the 3Doodler combined could create a perfect 3D printer for hobbyists and students on a budget

On Thursday last during our Contemporary Design Culture we carried out an observation study on the tea/coffee ritual. Below is my account of the stages and observations I made during this process. Upon entering the spar located in the courtyard I walked over towards the 3 coffee machines which were located in the back corner of the store. There was a person using each machine 2 of which were women, one getting a small latte the other getting a large black coffee both put in the sugar whilst their drinks were still coming out of the machine. They both also used the full fat milk which they poured from a stainless steel jug. At the 3rd machine was a middle aged man getting a small black coffee however he did not take milk or sugar. I queued behind this man as I reckon he would be the fastest but for some reason he felt as if I was trying to rush him so he kept turning around and look at me as if I was going to rob him. All three struggled with putting the covers on the cups and also as the cups were hot they all put a heat shield on their cups. As the middle aged man eventually left the middle machine I stepped up to the machine and picked up a large cup and placed it onto the stainless steel mesh tray which was half full of tea and coffee spills. There was 4 beverages to choose from latte, black coffee, white coffee and hot water. I choose a large latte and like the women before me I poured in 2 paper sashays of sugar whilst the latte was coming out of the machine. I then took my cup and put a drop of full fat milk into it before putting on the plastic lid which was hard to know when it was fully on. I then proceed to the queue where I waited for about 2 minutes to pay I began to find that the cup was quit hot in my hard just about bearable at the finish. After paying 2 euro I proceed out to the court yard where I sat on the circular timber benches which were very uncomfortable. Whilst drinking from my paper cup I noticed that there was a little defect in the lid which touched my nose every time I drank this was very irritating and made the whole experience less enjoyable. Before I knew it the Latte was gone which in my opinion wasn’t money for value.