On the 19th of February we had a talk from a guest speaker Cathal. Before this talk we were asked to do our own bit of research into to Cathal and what he is all about. During my research I began to understand the calibre of designer that Cathal was and how valuable this guest talk was going to be. However the one thing I did notice was that I hadn’t heard of design partners before I looked up Cathal and for a company that has designed so many internationally renowned products I found this unusual.

On the day on the talk my first impressions of Cathal were that he was just an ordinary man he didn’t dress over the top in your face just a simple dress code. The one thing that caught my eye however that set him apart from other ordinary dressers was he had a beautiful watch. It was entirely black with only a white face it was simplistic but ever so elegant. This set the tone for the talk as he began to engage with us and explain how himself and design partners perceive good design. Products must be minimalistic but “generous” he said for the consumer likes to get more then they expected, it also needs to be the best and sheer class, initially in design partners this alone sold the products. Cathal then went on to say this is no longer the case as the market changed and for a product to be a world leader it now needs a “story” along with all the other factors. According to Cathal the story creates a relationship with the consumer that worlds and image alone can not. A story tells a million words whilst also appealing to the masses and as he said a”story is never wrong”.

Cathal highlighted to me that to be a top class designer you don’t need to dress like Karim Rashid or act all airy fairy but instead be your self and let your work talk.