On Tuesday  morning last during our Contemporary Design Culture module the topic of the day was selling yourself and being visually unique. The example of the day was from the lecturer Adam who used the students of the Kemmy business school as the prime suspects for dressing like clones and replicas of each other. The majority of those students wear the same Hollister and Abercrombie outfits which in there own right are fashionable but due to being worn by the masses makes them a uniform as opposed to a unique piece of clothing. The same is true for the Timberland boots, initially these were high end pieces of foot wear but due to the wearing of these boots by the travelling community and people in less privileged areas these boots are no longer worn by the initial buyers as high end products.

Timberland Boots

But is clothing the only necessary component to setting you off and making one unique? Personally I would disagree with this for many reasons, personally I think there are many other factors that make people unique. For example If someone has a unique voice or manor-isms like a tick or a word used a lot during conversation these can make an individual unique and memorable. Other simple fashion accessories such as a fancy watch or by wearing a certain unique item all the time like rope bracelets or necklace with a crocodile tooth on it.

D.I.E. at Dolans

However if there is anybody reading this who is looking for inspiration on how to create a new look or image for themselves that is unique and eccentric I would highly recommend that you attend DIE in Dolans. It is a Dub step, Indie and Electro event which takes place once a month and is attended by a cult following.  I went to DIE for the first time on Thursday night and it was an experience of a life time it broadened my horizons on the hole dressing to be unique concept. People went out of their way to to dress unique and portrait their innersoles on their exterior face through the means of clothing and accessories.Their were also people taking a different approach on being unique with face paintings similar to Bowie and lady Gaga. The images below show what I mean.

David Bowie inspiration for some.

A taster of the male sense of dress

A sample of the female dress style.

From the photos above I hope that you can create a picture of the people that attend DIE and there sense of Dress. However these pictures don’t do the fashion present on the night justice. So I would highly recommend you attend if you are struggling to find a true unique sense of dress that you feel will be memorable and portrait an image that you think is suitable for your career. I personally wont be dressing in a certain way in the near future anyway as I feel that my work should speak for itself and my personal image should not effect how people perceive my design.